Great wines start in the vineyard

We at Vini De Stefano deeply believe in this statement, which is why we carefully selected the vineyards for our wines from the municipalities of Paternopoli, Taurasi and Tufo in the province of Avellino, which are part of an area with a strong wine vocation.

Vini De Stefano is a constantly evolving project that does not end in a banal automatism but which has as its objective a real promotional plan for the Irpinia territory.

This combined with our passion for enology allows us to bring wines of excellent quality and authenticity to the tables, capable of satisfying every type of palate.


The Reds

  • Campania Aglianico I.G.T “Aglianico”
  • Irpinia Aglianico D.O.C. “Corticì”
  • Irpinia Campi Taurasini D.O.C. “Saluber”


The Whites

  • Greco di Tufo D.O.C.G. “Adamas”
  • Campania Falanghina I.G.T “Freja”



Paternopoli is an Italian town in the province of Avellino. It is located in the heart of the green Irpinia. It represents one of the main lands with a strong wine vocation in southern Italy.