VINI DE STEFANO was born from the spirit of initiative of two young entrepreneurs from Irpinia. Driven by love for their land and passion for oenology, they have created a dynamic, innovative project that has among its objectives the promotion of a fertile and generous territory such as their Irpinia.

Paternopoli, Tufo and Luogosano, these are the territories favored by Vini De Stefano, lands with a high wine vocation. The choice of vineyards presupposed an accurate selection in line with the motto that has always guided the company: “great wines start in the vineyard”. Only precious lands such as those chosen, are able to give fine wines with an authentic and sublime flavor.


The debut wine for the cellar is the Irpinia Campi Taurasini DOC a red obtained from Aglianico vineyards. Full-bodied, well-structured and elegant, it is a wine that needs its time to mature but its great value is worth the wait.


Shortly after was born a white that has very ancient origins which, over time, has stabilized in the province of Irpinia over the course of time: the Greco di Tufo DOCG. A choice far from casual that of the two entrepreneurs, who preferring this wine with an intense but at the same time fine and harmonious soul, they immediately wanted to show the high caliber of the brand.


The following year two new lines were added: Campania Falanghina IGT and Aglianico Campania IGT. The first is a pleasant and refined white with a soft yet fresh flavor. The second comes from red Aglianico grape varieties and is characterized by a strong but velvety flavor with intense aromas of black cherry, violet and wild blackberry.


The two years following the creation of the lines just mentioned have seen Vini De Stefano engage in a project that culminates in the birth of an Irpinia Aglianico DOC baptized under the name “Corticì”. A singular and very personal name that has its roots in the toponym of a hill area of ​​Irpinia “Corticimolo”: an area rich in Aglianico vines. A wine that the company cares about a lot, not only because it is the result of long work, but because it has exactly the same characteristics as Vini De Stefano’s dream: energetic, vigorous and lively.