Greco di Tufo DOCG

The Greco di Tufo is among the best DOCGs in Italy. The Greco di Tufo has very ancient origins: the written evidence dating back to the first century BC, the period in which it was grafted, coming from the Greek region of Thessaly, make it one of the oldest vines and wines in Italy. There are references even in a fresco found in Pompeii, in which we find the following verse written: “If I really freeze, Bice, if not even Greek wine managed to warm you last night”.


100% Greco

Alcoholic strength



Second half of October

Organoleptic characteristics

White wine with an intense and pleasant aroma.
Straw yellow color with golden reflections.
The taste is harmonious, fresh, delicate and seductive.


To combine with dishes and grilled fish, seafood, cheeses and risotto. Sorrende also tasted with buffalo mozzarella.

Service temperature



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